Medical Unit

Medical Assistance Unit (UMA in Spanish) is a contingent of voluntary health personnel in disaster management, which is integrated within the Disaster Intervention Group (GIC) of the organization.

Its main objectives are: to provide health care to disaster victims in coordination with local authorities and other agencies, and ensure the health of all members of the GIC. Currently, health professionals compose the various autonomous Spanish territory.

It was incorporated at the end of 2005, by the need to complement the work of rescuers with medical care for those affected, in an integrated and organized manner. Previously, he acted in agreement with other medical organizations as SEMECA and medical personnel of the Iberoamerican Net. Since its creation, it has participated in various emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, mudslides, food insecurity … as in several training projects in prehospital care to improve preparation of equipment emergency response.

Teaching, logistics and material, social awareness, and library projects: For optimal operation the following work areas were established. Each area consists of a responsible and a group of partners involved in organizing the activities of that group.

What degrees of commitment and participation levels have volunteers UMA?

        Level 1. participate in international activities.
        Level 1B are available to be activated to international emergencies (humanitarian disasters).
        Level 1B. Those not available to go to humanitarian disasters, but can participate in other international activities (training, rehabilitation projects, development ….)
        Level 2. Those who support the UMA from Spain and not involved internationally.
        How to request a volunteer member of the UMA?
        Those interested should send their CV and a cover letter to the coordination and secretary.
        It will make a preliminary selection of candidates and were call a meeting and personal interview, to explain the operation of the organization, answer questions, see expectations and level of commitment.
        After the meeting, a second selection is made in that area and determining what level belong.