Canine Rescue Unit



Canine Rescue Unit (RCU) is a specialized contingent within the Disaster Intervention Group (ICG) which is responsible for finding and tracking of victims buried with life after the disaster by working together with specialized dogs for the task .
Currently, the Rescue Dog Unit (RCU) Fire States (BUSF-Spain), compose professional members of canine units from different parts of Spain:

Huelva, Cordoba, Cadiz
Since the beginning of the activities of the various canine units that make up the BUSF UCR, it has been working with the Method Chest, created by Jaime Parejo Garcia. This method, based on the expertise of dog rescue in disasters (debris) has been officially approved at the government level, the only system of education / intervention for canine rescue in disasters, based on their I found how effective (in drills and actual interventions) and recognized scientific value, for locating and rescuing survivors.


Conducted by the Canine Unit in recent years: