BUSF Guatemala: intervening in emergencies

From October 15, and especially the last three days, heavy rains are punishing most of Guatemala, which is causing flooding, mudslides and landslides in several parts of the country, and already thousands of people affected by prolonged rains. According to forecasts of the scientific team of the CONRED system, wet conditions will persist in the next 72 hours, especially in parts of the South, West and North. CONRED has declared Orange Alert and has alerted all first response groups in the country. BUSF Guatemala activated the rescue team and displaced them to Chiquimulilla Municipality (Santa Rosa), one of the most affected and less health care coverage.

The work to be performed:
• Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis in the Municipality of Chiquimulilla.
• Recognition of damaged and affected areas
• Evaluation of the artesian wells in the Chiquimulilla area, Santa Rosa.
• Delivery lodgest and pure water in the village of Las Pozas (Chiquimulilla, Santa Rosa), where hundreds of people have been affected.

The team is composed of staff for 4 BUSF Guatemala and fellow BUSF Córdoba (Spain) were conducting a training course for firefighters and have joined the intervention team. It is expected that after the detailed assessment to map out a plan as effective and efficient as possible intervention.