The training of our volunteers and emergency institutions of Latin America  within our internal organization is another important key.

Therefore, we focus on two lines of work:

1.- Training in Latin America: For the strengthening of local institutions of our respective subsidiaries incorporated into the Latin American Network BUSF

2.- Iberoamerican courses
Since 2000, we have been making continuous BUSF issues Ibero specialized courses in search, rescue, clearing to natural disasters, improving weaknesses in the Fire Departments of 12 Latin American countries. We conduct courses at different venues with which we in Latin America, completing 8 editions with full éxito. Iberoamerican courses have a multiplier effect of the training given, since the receptors become trainers and guarantors able to transmit their knowledge and skills acquired the rest of their peers in their home countries.
3.- Internal training: BUSF annually execute continuous specialized training programs to our own firefighters, medical personnel, logisticians and volunteers to increase our capacity and provide greater security for emergency interventions.

Training conducted in recent years


Nicaragua: training in prehospitalarian care

diferentes talleres que contempló la actividad formativa. Our Disaster Response Center located in the city of Granada, has been the focal point where there have been both theorics, workshops and various training activities contemplated.