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In the field of emergency, there are volunteer teams into the RED IBEROAMERICANA with experience, training and safety capacity to take action in different specialities in disasters:

Rapid Response Team in natural disasters (Grupo de Intervención ante Catástrofes-G.I.C.). At the first contingent, we search and rescue of people buried, the team is made up of rescuers and logisticians for the first intervention. Joint to them, the canine rescue unit (Unidad Canina de Rescate) and experts on damages and needs assessments.
Medical Unit. Our doctors and nurses staff give attention to thousand affected by disasters, using the instalations, coordinations and dealings of the Advance Medical Post (AMP).

Purifying water. We move and install emergency purification plants and supply of water to needed people, as first deiciency after natural disasters. We have water installations and infraestructures engineers and we have technically qualified logisticians to give this essential service to life.

Emergencies in the last years: