Emergency in Guatemala – Fuego volcano

The Fuego volcano entered a new eruptive phase last November 9 with strong internal explosions, great outpouring of lava and plumes. This situation is causing respiratory problems in the population and water sources of the communities surrounding the volcano are being contaminated by volcanic ash. Of particular concern is the situation in the Community Panimache, zone I and II where the population was forced to consume water with lots of debris and ashes.


BUSF Guatemala, as a member of the Iberoamerican Network BUSF, thanks to the Emergency agreement of Madrid City Council has moved a team of 10 people and a water treatment plant where Panimache started with the distribution of potable water to the population, which previously they have been given water jugs to store and keep the water in a safe and sanitary manner.

The distribution of drinking water through the plant BUSF Guatemala, to a population of more than 1,000 people will run until you can rehabilitate and improve the current system of collection and distribution of water and protected from contamination from the ash and other waste and implementing chlorination systems that ensure the potability of drinking water in Panimache and nearby areas..